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Captain Ambivalent Tries To Make A Solo Rom Com

by Captain Ambivalent

After musically skewering comic books, musicians, science fiction, corporations, fantasy, and denial, satirical songwriting superhero Captain Ambivalent returns to take on a genre he is infinitely less familiar with. Come celebrate romantic density and whisper those three little words, propellor beanie chicken. Original comedy songs and PowerPoint.

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The Taming of The Fool

by Elgin Theatre Company

Can Shakespeare’s most sexist play produce a feminist icon? The answer is YES! For in this reimagined take on “The Taming of The Shrew”, adapted by Director, Thomas Neumann, Katharina is not so easily tamed and in turn tames Petruchio whose one track mind of male dominance is easily overturned by the feminine mystique. With all the same memorable moments and quotes, this re-telling seeks to bring one of the most problematic but well written Shakespeare plays into the 21st century. Don't miss our video production!!

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The Bichon Frise And Shetland Variety Hour

by Memoriam Development

After being holed up at home by a near apocalypse, we return to fringe with, The Bichon Frise and Shetland Variety Hour! Minds addled from lack of human contact, QAnon, and alcohol, our actors have put together a show that highlights their multiple talents. Winner, the SERIOUS LOLS – SO FUNNY! and #thisisfringe awards at Portfringe 2021.

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Attack of the Snack Podcast

by Attack of the Snack Podcast

Join expert snackers Phillip and Katie as they provide vital snack reviews. No one should be forced to navigate 2021's complex world of snacking alone. Attack of the Snack's mission is to ensure that good people don't eat bad snacks. This show will improve your snacking satisfaction by 1001.4%. Guaranteed.

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Welcome, Home

by Parker Forrest Olson

Welcome, Home is an original one-act play written and directed by Parker Forest Olson. Welcome, Home explores a family over the course of a decade as they begin, fall apart, and reassemble, all while the spirit of Home enters and exits their lives, acting as a grandmotherly figure driving and nourishing their growth.

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Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler

by Randy Ross

Sixteen weeks, four continents, three bungee jumps, and I couldn't get home soon enough. How a Boston homebody turned a solo trip around the globe into a comedy novel and a racy one-man show. For book lovers, travelers, kvetches, and misanthropes.

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The Princess Strikes Back

by Victoria Montalbano

In 1997, 13-year-old Victoria Montalbano was introduced to her perfect man, Han Solo, and she’s been looking for him ever since. Watch her grow from awkward theatre kid to professional out of work actress while swiping her way through a galaxy far, far away!

Night Moose

by Night Moose

Night Moose invites you to join the fun as the herd mashes long and short form improv elements together with audience suggestions for a funny and unique improvised show that will never be seen again. Ever. So come frolic with Night Moose!

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Mother Faker

by Madeline O'Malley

Parenting teenagers is not for the faint of heart! Madeline O’Malley breaks down the good, the bad and the ridiculous in Mother Faker: personal stories about being the world's best..and sometimes

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The Mayfields

by The Mayfields

Prepare to have the Mayfields rifle through your mind in this daring display of psychic phenomenon. Mind readers need minds to read, after all! Jacob and Shane will demonstrate ESP and telepathy that will make you ask: is this for real? Decide for yourself in this interactive experience.


by Mike Lemme

Take back control of your life. "When a comedian can not only make you laugh, but touch you deeply with his honesty and pain, you know you're watching someone very special. Highest recommendation to Mike Lemme." - Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler

The Death of God on the American Frontier: A Sketch Revue.

by American Maniacs

Let American Maniacs Unlimited lead you along the pioneer trail of comedy to the virgin wilderness of the silliness frontier. Then gaze in horror as a railroad is built through it and bison are being shot at from train cars. For this is The Death of God on the American Frontier: A Sketch Revue.

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The Bad Taste Crimecast

by The Bad Taste Crimecast

Do you enjoy tales of serial killers, insane crimes, and occasional conspiracies? Then join Janelle and Vicky as they discuss all things creepy and crawly. All in bad taste of course.

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by The Home Creative Co.

“Messages” is an original musical theatre revue exploring the nuances of digital communication and how a simple misunderstanding can dramatically affect a relationship. Following the two separate perspectives of the couple, we see the impact that a simple text message can have on the outcome of a relationship.

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Thoughts of Time

by Lone aka Bryan Pettigrew

Breaker, breaker, one, nine. Is anyone out there? A signal goes out. Lone, a former time traveler, ponders through his thoughts of time. Something he has based his whole life around. Has he been wrong the whole time? Tune in to find out.

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Vintage Groove

by La Groove Fatale

For La Groove Fatale's 8th appearance at the Elgin Fringe Festival, they're taking inspiration from bygone eras with their new show, "Vintage Groove." This show represents a mix of new and old choreographies, costumes, and music selections and boasts a special appearance by sister performers, Project Groove.

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Ghostly Podcast

by Ghostly Podcast

Learn about the spooky side of the Elgin area with Ghostly Podcast. Pat and Rebecca dive into dark lore by exploring the hidden truths of the Fox Valley. Check out this show all about Elgin-area hauntings to get yourself ready for the creepiest time of year.

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Chicago's Most Mysterious Person

by Nolan Webster

WHAT DOES HE KNOW? HOW DOES HE KNOW IT? Those are the questions you will be asking yourself after seeing Nolan Webster. Nolan will connect with you using telepathy, psychometry, intuition and other techniques to connect in order to tell fortunes, provide guidance and give insight.

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