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Melina Scotte

I was born and raised in Argentina, I began my journey with painting when I was just twelve years old. The majority of skills I have developed throughout the years reflect on curiosity, experimenting and growth also dabbing with different materials and trying techniques, and truly allowing myself to enjoy the journey.

People, bright colors, and details are the inspiration for most of my pieces.

I really enjoy the diversity in my daily life therefore, my way to create art is always a little different, depending on the materials that I use such as knife painting, brushes, watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, etc. normally my characters and specialty are women from my imagination.

The purpose of my art is to allow viewers to see something from their own perspective and to be able to transmit beauty and imagination through my artwork.

I believe that society expresses change in relation to what is around us, and what surrounds us affects in what we become. If people surround themselves with beauty and harmony, we as a society will be more inclined to be kind to one another. I am always looking to inspire people to be creative and to look for those things that feed the soul.



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