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Emily Baughman

Instagram @emilysfloppydisk

Energy flows and matter cycles. This is a fundamental belief of the universe and acts as a central theme in my work. Through art, I have always married my love of science, life, and loss. In my current series of work, Bright Grief, I focus on the parts of loss that follow you into the everyday moments of life.

After my father’s death, there is a melancholy that touches everything as I grieve. It’s a grief that will never end, but it doesn’t take away from the beauty of life, it sits with it. Holds its hand as I stop to smell the roses. In my art, I express this layered feeling through the use the juxtaposition; mixing bright colors and disturbing subject matter. I love life. There is rebirth after death I try to capture but that doesn’t make the loss any less painful, nor should it. Feelings deserve our respect. Sit with them. And understand them.

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