2020 WINTER MINI FRINGE Performing Artists



American Maniacs Unlimited

Sketch Comedy with Stage Combat


Life is chaos and disorder. Madness is the only currency. It is in these times we turn to our only hope for salvation: the silly. American Maniacs UnLTD present Manifest Density, a tactical nuclear warhead of absurdity, puns, pickle jars, sword fights, beat poetry slams, alligators, and unconfirmed rumors of pirates. Replace your existential dread with giggles for an hour and then return back to the dread. It’s the American way.

Saturday, January 25 at 6:30pm

The Bad Taste Crimecast



Do you enjoy tales of serial killers, strange crimes, and the occasional conspiracies? Join Janelle and Vicky as they tell you stories of gruesome horrors... all in bad taste of course. 

Saturday, January 25 at 3:30pm

Dee Volitious

Musical Cabaret


What happens when all male creative teams write about what life is like as a woman? Will they find truth, or just stereotyped gender roles? Join our team of brave women as they battle the patriarchy in search of answers in Mansplain: The Musical at the 2019 Elgin Fringe Festival

Saturday, January 25 at 9pm

Memoriam Development



Comedy and Drama are two sides of the same coin. Far too often they are treated like strangers, and not like the siblings they are. Join Amanda and Nick as they present to you In Memoriam, a multifaceted experience that explores drama and comedy through both scripted and improvised performance.

Saturday, January 25 at 5pm

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