2020 SPRING MINI FRINGE Performing Artists



Captain Ambivalent

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in an underground bunker with no idea how you got there and have someone explain it to you in song? Well, today's your lucky day! Report to your re-education pods for a sidesplitting musical history of the future, the eighties, student debt, unintended consequences, and being replaced by a robot. (This program is a highly condensed combination of previous Elgin Fringe shows "The Dark Nut Rises" and "Replaced By A Robot.") Captain Ambivalent is a nerd-rock singer/songwriter/superhero, boldly battling market forces since 2005. His glacial rise from obscurity to international obscurity has grown to include Doctor Demento, The Midnight Special, South Bend Public Television, PierogiFest, GenCon, five years at Elgin Fringe, and even a brief cameo on America’s Got Talent.

Chasity Gunn

Roberta Miles

Roberta Miles is a jazz singer, poet, writer, and visual artist. She's known for her edgy, no-holds-barred autobiographical monologues. When she is not ranting obsessively about her romantic escapades or worrying about her hair, she delves into her quest for mental and physical health.  And she does it all with brutally hilarious candor. In addition to her own performing, she is co-creator and co-producer of the long-running show Loose Chicks, and is producer of the popular, off-beat, variety show Cafe Cabaret.


Madeline O'Malley

Madeline O’Malley is a teacher, a mother, a storyteller and a comedian. She has spent the past 20 years in Chicago Public Schools entertaining the toughest of crowds: teenagers. Madeline performs in standup showcases, Fringe festivals and storytelling events in the city and suburbs. Madeline’s wit and sense of humor will entertain audiences from all walks of life.

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