Volunteer at Fringe!

Fringe is huge and there are a whole lot of moving parts that we need to be on top of to ensure the festival runs smoothly. To make that happen we rely on the amazing help of volunteers!

Below you will find some key information about various volunteer opportunities. If you think you may be down to help out then fill out this form here: 


Why should you volunteer for the EFF?

Volunteering at the Elgin Fringe Festival not only gets you involved in one of the longest-running traditions in the arts world, you are also supporting the Elgin community and all of the businesses, non-profit organizations and each of the individual artists that participate.

What kind of positions are there?

  • Ticket Taker: work with the venue managers to take tickets as the doors open for a show! These shifts are 30 minutes long. There are lots of these shifts to fill! Each shift gets you a ticket to a show of your choice.

  • Runners: help out where you are needed in that moment! This job includes things like picking up lunches, covering an empty slot, etc. These shifts are 1 hour long. There are a few of these shifts to fill. Each shift gets you a ticket to a show of your choice.

  • Support Staff: work with the EFF staff from the start! These positions are for folks who want to increase their involvement with the Fringe, and are interested in working with the EFF staff throughout the year. These jobs include things like working pre-Fringe events, helping go through equipment before and after Fringe, etc. There are a handful of these slots to fill. These volunteer shifts get you a full VIP Festival Pass!

  • Billeter: house some of our out of town artists! These folks just need a couch or blow up mattress to sleep on while they are in town. These volunteer shifts get you a full VIP Festival Pass! You can see over 25 shows during the Fringe!



Each of our volunteers get a t-shirt and a button! Get a ticket to see a show for each shift worked, or join EFF as a Support Staff or Billeter and get a VIP Festival Pass! *All tickets are rush seating, meaning that you will be admitted to the show 2-4 minutes before it begins.


Health and Safety:

We know that this year is different, so we are taking plenty of precautions to ensure that our festival is safe for all. We do ask about your vaccination status below, but keep in mind that masks might be required for all staff and volunteers as an extra safety measure. We are excited to have you on board.


I'm interested!

To notify EFF of your interest in volunteering, please submit your information on the form below and look for an email from our Managing Director, Amanda Harris. We will be in touch as we get closer to the Festival. You will be able to sign up for your own shifts based on your availability! If you have signed up as a Support Staff person, we will be in touch soon to get you details! Stay tuned.


Questions, comments, concerns? Email EFF Managing Director, Amanda Harris at: