Join us for the 2019 EFF Visual Art Opening Reception

Friday, September 6, 6-9pm

Fringe Central/Side Street Studio Arts

15 Ziegler Ct., downtown Elgin

FREE & open to the public

2019 Featured Artist Adrian Mesino

Adrian Mesino, is a artists/illustrator living in Elgin Illinois. With his focus on negative watercolor style Mesino archives deeply layered foliage patterns that run thought his current project "The Book of Flowers" 


Adrian is also responsible for this year's Elgin Fringe Festival poster and bringing the Wonder of Father Fringe to the community!

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Sam Arnold

Sam works primarily in acrylic paint, watercolor and mixed media. She is attracted to bold colors and patterns both in her artwork and jewelry making. She finds they represent the bright side of life, and bring happiness to those who look at and wear her artwork.


Website: http://samlynnstudio.com


“Check your ego at the door.” is the driving thought when artists Bruce Bachelder and Mike Rende set out to create their collaborative art.

Sometimes the artists each start a painting and then hand it to each other to complete. While they can follow the original vision for the painting, it’s always more interesting when they don’t and something even more unexpectedly creative erupts onto the canvas.

Lately Bruce has been doing a lot of abstract blown ink art and Mike has strived to give their paintings a narrative framework that gives the blown ink meaning.

Chris Block


Three works of original photomontage by Chris Block



“Regression to the Mean”


a procession, a parade

a proclamation

a display of unity - and diversity











cautiously optimistic - and welcoming




“Dark Matters”


at the frontier




nearly invisible - nearly




Chris is an active artist, musician and photographer in the Chicago area.  This is his sixth appearance at the Elgin Fringe Festival.

David Bremer

With my art as a sculptor I design glass bottles and I design snow globes by using glass jars, I make sculptures out of clay such as animals, I make sculptures where you can hang it on the wall, and I make jewelry. I also make sculptures out of cardboard. I make my art sculptures by using clay, wood, metal, cardboard, bottles, jars, tools, glues, beads, and string.

With my art as a painter I paint nature, animals, and shapes. I use acrylic paints when I make my paintings on canvas, wood, and cardboard.

With my art as a drawer I like to draw my own cartoons, especially draw buildings, portraits, and nature. I use pencils, color pencils, crayons, and markers whenever I draw on different kinds of paper.

Daniel Burke

Daniel Burke was born in Chicago Illinois in 1960. He first began studying photography in high school, and quickly gravitated to experimental forms. Burke attended Northern Illinois University from 1977 to 1981, graduating with a degree in psychology. While at NIU he also studied photography and graphic design.  

After seeing, and being inspired by the final 2 performances of Throbbing Gristle in 1981, Burke began exploring the use of sound in 1983 & started a project now known as Illusion Of Safety releasing over 25 CD's as well numerous vinyl and cassettes releases. 

Burke has continued to explore photograph, graphic design, collage, video & painting. Burke has been developing his underwater photography skills since 2003. “The Impossible Reef" series, uses Photoshop to collage elements of coral reef architecture to create fantastical images that could only exist through the collaboration of human hands and natural occurrence.   

Karl Jahnke

As an artist I often feel as though I am taking the long way home. Every piece represents a different journey, provoking questions and new lessons, each fueling a desire to see what comes next. This anticipation, this discovery, is what above all else drives my art and produces works that are woven with affection and passion. Each sculpture or painting is more than a piece of art - it is an intimate reflection of a newly discovered adventure.

Jeremy Lampkin

Focused largely upon recovery from trauma, my art often draws upon comparative viewpoints from anthropology.  Sexuality is one of the main focuses of my work, as I've come to a far greater understanding of the subject through personal experience with this kind of trauma.  The 3 pieces I'm exhibiting here at Fringe Festival portray exhibitionism and voyeurism. 

Lance Long



The last of a series exploring fluidity and from that an emergence of thoughts, feelings and an image.  

Amy Malcolm

Amy Malcolm is a prolific visual artist who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. Her painterly-cartoon style was founded by commercial work as a published cartoonist, professional illustrator and through employment with DC Comics. Amy's distinctive work combines spontaneous line rendering and narrative inspiration to concoct visual satire. Exaggerated elements of broken and semi-covered cartoon character abstractions define her Fine Art Practice. Many of her drawings and paintings are then animated. Amy Malcolm holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, studied Film at Yale University and is a graduate of St. Edward High School, Elgin.  

Rachel Elizabeth Maley

Rachel Elizabeth Maley is a visual and sound artist based outside of Chicago. A musician since a young age, she performs on multiple instruments and voice, and is a practitioner of meditation and Cha Dao, the Way of Tea. Rachel's sound practice is influenced in part by Western sacred music, Vedic chant, and the percussion of Zen monastic life. 

re-maley.com / chadaochicago.com

Julie Mars

Julie Mars studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. She's been an art worker for over 25 years and is currently the Director of Communications at the Addison Center for the Arts where she continues to enjoy creating, fostering, and promoting the arts. She is also an active member of the Elmhurst Artists' Guild where she volunteers as the guild's gallery organizer.


Although Julie Mars is best known for her luminous glass bead mosaic work on upcycled glass vessels, she has recently returned to creating assemblages. For the 2019 Elgin Fringe Festival, she is showing two assemblage works--"Bunny in a Blizzard" and "VALIS Lamp with Neuralink Wearable". For these works, Mars modified common utilitarian objects so viewers will have a natural connection with the art works. Then she covered these objects like 3D canvases with visionary embellishments of glass beads and reflective materials that create a multitude of dazzling optical and spatial effects.  

Janelle O'Malley

Janelle O’Malley is an artist hailing from northern Illinois. My work explores the physical nature of paint as a material by tapping into the use sarcasm and the exploration of female sexuality. The imagery is pulled from the iconic parts of my childhood: Lisa Frank school supplies, the scent of lip smackers lip gloss, textures of clubwear, and sticker books. Each part feeds into the playfulness of the forms while exploring the feelings activated by them.

Laurie Peters

Laurie Peters is a mixed-media visual artist, whose 3+ decades of working in the arts traverses site-specific mosaics, landscape design, art education, and art therapy, all the while continuing to make images.  She works in a variety of drawing, painting, and collage media, as well as clay and mosaic sculpture. Drawing was her first love, and plants in particular, and ephemerata in general, are her most enduring sources of inspiration. 

Kimberly (Stourton) Witz 

Art can and should be all around us. Weather it is visual or performance art, it connects us like nothing else can.  Now more than ever,  we need art in our lives.

Ryan Swain

Ryan Swain is an artist that has been painting since 2012. He is from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. His preferred mediums are acrylic, watercolor, ink, spray paint and mix media. Ryan’s work is very bold outlines of color with a mix of horror and abstract art. He is very passionate about the skateboarding culture and derives a lot of inspiration from street art. He has been in many art shows throughout the Chicago suburbs and downtown area. Ryan’s art has been put up at Fargo art show since 2015, Decked out art show at the Zhou B since 2016 and has designed a skateboard for F.A. Skateshop in Mount Prospect. 


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