2021 Virtual EFF Performances

The following shows are virtual only. These performances can be accessed via our Vimeo channel. You may purchase access to these performances through the Vimeo as well.

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The Taming of The Fool

by Elgin Theatre Company

Can Shakespeare’s most sexist play produce a feminist icon? The answer is YES! For in this reimagined take on “The Taming of The Shrew”, adapted by Director, Thomas Neumann, Katharina is not so easily tamed and in turn tames Petruchio whose one track mind of male dominance is easily overturned by the feminine mystique. With all the same memorable moments and quotes, this re-telling seeks to bring one of the most problematic but well written Shakespeare plays into the 21st century. Don't miss our video production!!

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Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler

by Randy Ross

Sixteen weeks, four continents, three bungee jumps, and I couldn't get home soon enough. How a Boston homebody turned a solo trip around the globe into a comedy novel and a racy one-man show. For book lovers, travelers, kvetches, and misanthropes.

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Thoughts of Time

by Lone aka Bryan Pettigrew

Breaker, breaker, one, nine. Is anyone out there? A signal goes out. Lone, a former time traveler, ponders through his thoughts of time. Something he has based his whole life around. Has he been wrong the whole time? Tune in to find out.

*Family Friendly

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by Les Choreutes

Clara is a new single mom who moves back in with her mother. But his her mother's help just kindness or is Clara being replaced? A play about the mother-daughter relationship that cuts deep like a C-Section.

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A Day at the Beach

by Ultrasuede Productions

Winner of the BEST ENSEMBLE Award, Tucson Fringe 2021 A beautiful day. A secluded beach. Two strangers. The end of the world approaching. What could go wrong? What could go right? This Dramedy explores what happens when a woman with stunted growth, and a free spirit go through the five stages of grief. Questioning faith, the future, and how much alcohol does it take to forget your worries.

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