Have you ever thought to yourself, “huh, I wonder how space works,“ or “does my body even like me” or “wow! I’m overwhelmed with the wealth of information out there, technology’s rapid progress, and the crippling realization that I will never really understand it all”? US TOO! There Will Be a Test is one way we can, together, sit with this these wonderings and attempt to make some sense of them, as well as make sense of theoretical physics, giraffes, the electromagnetic spectrum, Facebook, entropy, etc, etc. Join theater/dance duo Thank You So Much For Coming as we embark on a hilarious scientific spectacular through news desks, Bill Nye knockoff shows, and the void, as we connect broad, impersonal concepts with our own embodied experience, investigate the allure of pseudoscience, and recontextualize the ways that we come to our beliefs.

Performing at Theater at Side Street Studio Arts

Friday, September 13 at 10:30pm

Saturday, September 14 at 4:30pm

Saturday, September 14 at 9pm

Thank You So Much for Coming

Thank You So Much For Coming

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