Nolan Webster: Chicago's Most Mysterious Person

Nolan Webster will be performing Friday - Sunday at Exhibition Hall located at 45 Symphony Way. Please select your showtime of choice for your show.


After purchasing your ticket here with us you must also pick up your physical ticket from Elgin Fringe Central before the performance.

*You must also purchase 1 EFF button per attendee in order to enter the festival. If a button is not purchased through the website we will as you to do so when picking up your tickets at Elgin Fringe Central.


"WHAT DOES HE KNOW? HOW DOES HE KNOW IT? Those are the questions you will be asking yourself after seeing Nolan Webster. Nolan will connect with you using telepathy, psychometry, intuition and other techniques to connect in order to tell fortunes, provide guidance and give insight."

Nolan Webster: Chicago's Most Mysterious Person