La Groove Fatale: Vintage Groove

La Groove Fatale will be performing Thursday - Saturday at the Elgin Art Showcase located at 164 Division St. on the 8th Floor. Please select your showtime of choice for your show.


After purchasing your ticket here with us you must also pick up your physical ticket from Elgin Fringe Central before the performance.

*You must also purchase 1 EFF button per attendee in order to enter the festival. If a button is not purchased through the website we will as you to do so when picking up your tickets at Elgin Fringe Central.


"For La Groove Fatale's 8th appearance at the Elgin Fringe Festival, they're taking inspiration from bygone eras with their new show, "Vintage Groove." This show represents a mix of new and old choreographies, costumes, and music selections and boasts a special appearance by sister performers, Project Groove."

La Groove Fatale: Vintage Groove