In this Shakespearean parody of the ridiculous 2006 remake of the horror film "The Wicker Man," disgraced police officer Edward Malus adventures to a strange island commune to find a missing little girl and redeem his honor.
This Elizabethan interpretation of the movie combines the nonsensical plot and characters with poetic verse in the style of the Bard.

The Tragedy of Johnny and Lisa" brings Tommy Weiseau's unintentional masterpiece of awfulness, "The Room," to its full poetically tragic potential, presenting the story in the style of an Elizabethan Verse-Play, accentuating the Shakespearean themes of the film while poking fun at its ineptitude.

Performing at Blue Box Cafe

2 different performances:

Thursday, September 12 at 7:30pm - Horror of the Twiggen Man of Summersisle 

​Saturday, September 14 at 4:30pm - Tragedy of Johnny and Lisa

Geekspeare Theatre Company

Geekspeare Theatre Co

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