Elgin Short Film Festival Lineup for 2021

Live Action Shorts:

Sid Penrose

directed by Drew Dull (10:23)

Charlie is presented with an escape from his deep depression when the mysterious man that he has been drawing suddenly knocks on his door.

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directed by Wes Tian (11:12)

BIO- Wes Tian is a 12-year-old artist from Chicago, Illinois. From a very young age, Wes has had a passion for writing, directing, and creating his own short film, including the award-winning short "A Day in Pete's Shoes" (2017-2018), as well as "Group 1" (2019-2020), which garnered him a Lifetime Achievement Award.


directed by Matt Bilen(11:28)

After a cataclysmic event on Earth, 2 strangers wake up on a deep space vessel headed to a new habitable world.

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Animated Shorts:

Honey Drop 

directed by Brandon Lopez (2:09)

In the deep, lush forest, an oddball pair of grizzly bears discover an unexpected food source. Unfortunately, one impatient bear makes a rash decision that drops him into a regretful and painful consequence.

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directed by Logan Himango (3:00)

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the peach scarf  

directed by Del Dego (3:32)

While browsing in the market, Daisy is distracted by a bird who has stolen a scarf from a pretty stranger, Camille. She hops to action to help reclaim the scarf for Camille, but runs into trouble along the way. Undeterred, Daisy finds her own way to restore the beloved peach scarf to Camille.