Family Fringe!

Saturday, September 5th 


family fringe 2020.jpg
Congratulations to our 2020 Elgin Fringe Festival visual and performing artists!


Kim Reed, Kelly Haramis, Sandra Farrell, Parker Forest Olson,

Neil Klemz, The Bad Taste Crimecast,

Bam! (Bruce Bachelder and Mike Rende), Ada Cheng, Mike Speller, Storyteller, Deacon Gamzee Productions, Ghostly Podcast,

La Groove Fatale, Bob Anderson, Tom Bell, the ions, Jane Erlandson, DOC Boucher, Tom Bell, Hollow Chapels,

Friends and Red Unicorns/Dian Amar, Creative Moves, Dan Burke,

Party Cops, Amanda Davila, Abraham Lincoln: Illinois Icon,

Your Silent Partner, Chris Bloc, Nolan Webster,

Attack of the Snack Podcast, Jamey Bouwmeester, David Bremer, Multiplex, Elgin Theatre Company, Top Banana Productions,

Dee Volitious, Janelle O’Malley, Lance Long, Amanda Harris, INDEPENDENT PLAYERS, Brown Girl Speaks, David Boyle, Danny Smith, Some Fierce Thing, MsPixy, Amy Tsai, Captain Ambivalent,

American Maniacs Unlimited, Imperium Theatre Company, Hysteria 51, Judah Leblang, Laurie Peters, Krish Mohan, Allison Ballard, independent artist, Memoriam Development, Madeline O'Malley



The Elgin Fringe Festival is a performing arts festival which includes film, visual art, music, and other types of art forms. Performances take place in downtown Elgin cafes, theaters, storefronts, and a variety of other locations.The first Fringe Festival started in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland, as an alternative festival that played concurrently with the Edinburgh International Festival. There are more than 20 fringe festivals throughout the United States with more in Canada and Europe.

Downtown Elgin is a prime location for a fringe festival due to its urban feel and proximity to Chicago.  Now headed into our seventh year, the Elgin Fringe Festival is and inclusive and dynamic experience. We are first come-first served, uncurated, uncensored, and 100% of our ticket sales go back to the artists! Programming includes our Family Fringe Day, a day filled with games, performances, and art projects that is free and open to the public, our ever-growing visual art component hosted at Side Street Studio Arts, aka Fringe Central, as well as a live music component that highlights the juggernaut of a music scene Elgin has to offer. The city's ever-evolving arts scene, ease of walkability, and diverse community are ingredients for a highly needed and sought after Fringe Festival.


Elgin Fringe Festival is a proud member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals.

Elgin Fringe Festival is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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